Brothers 500ml ลัง 12 ขวด


ลัง 12 ขวด Brothers 500ml. ราคาลัง 12 ขวด 1,960 บาท ทุกรส


Categories : Beer


Bottle Size : 500ml

Country of Origin: อังกฤษ

Brand : Brothers


Pear Cider

ประเภท Pear Cider

แอลกอฮอลล์ 5% ABV

Light and naturally sparkling with a clean and refreshing taste of fresh pears, smooth in mouth. Golden colour, small disappearing head.

Festival Edition Pear Cider

ประเภท Pear Cider

แอลกอฮอลล์ 7% ABV

Very nice ryish apple aroma. Quite rich and sweet in the mouth. Very yeasty bite. Drying. Interesting contradiction with the body sweetness and the finish dry. Doesn't feel filtered.

Strawberry Pear Cider

ประเภท Pear Cider (Strawberry flavor added.)

แอลกอฮอลล์ 4% ABV

Cloudy Lemon

ประเภท Pear Cider (Lemon flavor.)

แอลกอฮอลล์ 4% ABV

Wild Fruit Pear Cider

ประเภท Pear Cider (Mixed of Blueberries, Blackberries, Raspberries flavor added)

แอลกอฮอลล์ 4% ABV 

Toffee Apple Cider

ประเภท Cider ( Mixed of Toffee, Cinnamon, Cloves & Cream soda flavor.)

แอลกอฮอลล์ 4% ABV

Premium Apple Cider

ประเภท Apple Cider

แอลกอฮอลล์ 5.5% ABV

Fresh Apple cider made in a traditional West Country method. Pours a clear yellow with a fizzy and dissipating rough white head. Lightly tart apple accents. Medium body, sweet and sour apple accents with a slight astringency - fairly authentic

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