Pampero 700ml


Pampero 700ml ราคาขวดละ 570 บาท


Categories : Vodka


Pampero Blanco

Bottle Size : 700 ml

Alcohol Vol.:  38%

Country of Origin : Venezuela


RUM TYPE : A delicious creamy Blanco rum from popular Venezuelan producer Pampero. By law, Venezuelan rum must be aged for a minimum of two years, meaning this is smoother and more characterful than standard white rums.

Official info: There’s more to Pampero™ Blanco than meets the eye. A good white rum should be fresh, clean, easy to mix and easy to drink. Blanco is all of these, but it’s also an aged rum, made from a blend of traditional white rum aged for up to 4 years.
SOURCE: Official website

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