Stolichnaya 1l


Stolichnaya 1l ราคาขวดละ 800 บาท


Categories : Vodka


Bottle Size : 1l

Alcohol Vol.:  40%

Country of Origin : Russia

Brand : Stolichnaya

Style : VODKA

Stolichnaya (Russian: столичная:  "capital (vodka)", stress on "lich" pronounced like "leech") is a Russian vodka produced from wheat and rye grains in Tambov, a town located in the Black Earth Region of Russia. This region has long been known as the bread-basket of Russia and has a long history of growing grain and vodka production. It's this blend of grain that gives Stolichnaya its spicy finish, something particular to Russian vodkas.

This vodka starts with wheat and rye grains. Artesial well water is added to these grains to begin the fermentation which takes about 60 hours. Once fermentation is complete the resulting liquid is distilled four times to a strength of 96.4% ABV. This spirit is then diluted to bottling strength with more artesial well water which ultimately gives the vodka its smoothness. It is then filtered through quartz sand, activated charcoal, and finally through woven cloth. It is affectionately called Stoli (though only in non-Russian speaking areas).

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