Tequila Gold 1L


Tequila Gold 1L ราคาขวดละ 1050 บาท


Categories : Vodka



Bottle Size : 1l

Alcohol Vol.:  38.0%

Country of Origin : Mexico

Brand : Sierra

Style : VODKA

Tequila made from blue agave and matured in oak to give not only colour but complexity. Much smoother than silver Tequilas, Gold can be enjoyed on its own with just a squeeze of lime.

Sierra has long been Australia's introduction to Tequila. Born from the high reaches of Jalisco, Mexico, the iconic sombrero invokes memories of good times and celebration for generations of party goers around the nation. Sierra Reposado is aged for 9 months in ex-bourbon American oak barrels, 7 months more than the minimum required. The aging doesn't only give its distinctive colour but also a pleasant balance of wood, caramel and vanilla flavours

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