Wild Turkey 750ml


Wild Turkey 750ml ราคาขวดละ 1000 บาท


Categories : Vodka


Wild Turkey 101

Bottle Size : 750ml

Alcohol Vol.:  50%

Country of Origin : SA, Kentucky

Brand : Wild Turkey



Wild Turkey 101 Proof

90-95 Points The Wine Enthusiast

"Initial aroma is acutely spicy, cereal-grain sweet and a touch citrusy; following aeration the aroma takes flight as fruity/resiny scents enchant the olfactory sense. The flavor at entry is laser beam-focused, snug and concentrated; at midpalate, the flavor profile goes deeply cereal-like, almost honeyed, Sherried and intense. Concludes a tad fiery (it’s 101-proof, don’t forget), zesty, toffee sweet and nougat-like."


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