bowmore 15 year 700 ML ลัง 12 ขวด


bowmore 15 year 700 ML ลัง 12 ขวด ราคาลังละ 34500 บาท ราคาขวดละ 3200 บาท


Categories : whisky


Bottle Size : 700ml


Vol / Alc  : 43%

Country of Origin : SCOTLAND / Islay

Brand : Bowmore

Style :  Single Malt Whisky


Rich raisins and gentle smoke lead the way to a delicious chocolaty centre. Breathe in delicious dark chocolate, sun-dried fruits and a tell-tale wisp of Islay smoke. Sip wonderful cedar wood and rich treacle toffee. Savour the robust and complex finish with a hint of sherry tannin.

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