Highland Park 12 Year Old 700ml ลัง 12 ขวด


Highland Park 12 Year Old 700ml ลัง 12 ขวด ราคาลังละ 20000บาท ราคาขวดละ 1750 บาท


Categories : whisky


Bottle Size : 700ml


Vol / Alc  : 40%

Country of Origin : United Kingdom


Style :  Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky Distillery Bottling


Highland Park 12 Year Old is the single malt that forms the core of the Highland Park mark. An all-around awesome scotch, it boasts well-balanced malty tones with a floral smoke, a Highland Park signature. The nose is rife with heather honey, sweet and smoky with follow-up notes of peat, while the palate opens up to full malt and rounded smoky sweetness. The finish is sweet, yet dry with subtle smoke and more brambley, heathery notes.

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