Port Charlotte 700 ML


Port Charlotte Bruichladdich Pc12 Oilenach Furachail 700 ML ราคาขวดละ 4,500บาท


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Port Charlotte Bruichladdich Pc12 Oilenach Furachail


 Bottle Size : 700ml


Vol / Alc  : 58.7%

Country of Origin : Scotland 

Brand : Bruichladdich.

Style :  Single Malt Scotch Whisky

A 12 year old peated whisky from Bruichladdich distillery, Oileanach furachail translates as something like 'attentive islander'. This is a reference to Adam Hannett's apprenticeship under Jim McEwan since 2016.

Character – A heavyweight Islay – rich, smokey and smooth.

Colour – Polished walnut in an autumn sunset.

Nose – Opens with bursts of smoke, salt and dark fruit then develops raisins, toffee, sweet oak and ripe plum. Hints of cinnamon spice, polish, candied orange and lemon peels. hazelnut and dates.

Palate – Rich and succulent in texture bringing harmony to a spirit of 58.7%. Sherry flavours of date and fig combine with peat smoke to balance honey, lemon and hot toasted oak. Apricot pear and green apple are subtle but the character of our pure spirit cannot be hidden. There have been no shortcuts to get here. Long years in our warehouses on the shores of Loch Indaal have brought out the exceptional qualities of casks sourced from far and wide. Combine this with the influence of fresh salty Islay air and you have a dram of unmistakable character.


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