The Dalmore 18 Years 700ml


The Dalmore 18 Years 700ml ราคาขวดละ 4900 บาท


Categories : whisky


The Dalmore 18 Years


 Bottle Size : 700ml


Vol / Alc  : 43%

Country of Origin : Scotland of Highland

Brand : Dalmore 

Type Of Whisky: Single Malt


Dalmore 18 Years Old is a flagship of the Dalmore range. This 18 Year-Old version has firstly been aged for 14 years in American white oak casks that contained Bourbon whiskey, then has been transferred into Matusalem Sherry casks for an additional 3 years then 1 year into Sherry to become mellower.


Colour: copper.

Nose: warm, pleasant, and charming. A lovely pine sweetness, spicy cinnamon and lemon notes rise from the glass.

Palate: bewitching, as vanilla, Colombian coffee and truffles, mingle with rosemary, driped grape and chocolate. 

Finish: sweet subtle notes of violet and jasmine soften a flavoursome palate. 


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