dalmore valour 1L ราคาขวดละ 3200 บาท


Categories : whisky


Bottle Size : 1L


Vol / Alc  : 40%

Country of Origin : Scotland of Highland

Brand : Dalmore 

Type Of Whisky: Single Malt


Dalmore Valour is a special edition of the distillery's Single Malt, and offered in a one liter bottle.

This rich expression is typical of the Highlands whiskies and hallmark of the Dalmore style. Dalmore valour has aged in ex-bourbon American oak barrels and transferred in 30 year-old Oloroso Matusalem Sherry casks, to be finished in ex-Port wine barrels from the Douro region in Portugal.


Colour: amber.

Nose: pleasant and rich, evocative of caramel shortbread, fresh grapes and citrus. Zesty orange appears on the mid-palate.

Palate: lush, flavours of chocolatey candied oranges with molasses and pinneaple. A splendid array of flavours from golden barley to nutmeg.

Finale: a forest fruit finish with a touch of warm coconut, figs, marzipan.


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