Ballantines 21 Years 700ml


Ballantines 21 Years 700mlราคาลัง 28500 บาท ขวดละ 2600 บาท


Categories : whisky


Bottle Size : 700ml

Vol / Alc  : 43%

Country of Origin : Scotland

Brand : Ballantines

Style : Blended Whiskys

Ballantines 21 Year Old Scotch Whisky was named Whisky of the Year in 2011 by Jim Murray, the world's most respected whisky expert in his latest edition of his Whisky Bible.

Ballantines 21 Year Old trancends the prejudice that sometimes ranks single malts higher than blends. This is quite a majestic whisky that shows a deep, golden colour. The nose offers sweet scents blended with cocoa and vanillan oak. Wonderfully mouth filling and quite spicy, the palate is pristinely clean with sweet, smooth, velvlet like textures. In the top echelon of blended whisky. 

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