J&B Rare 1L


J&B Rare 1L ราคา ลัง 12 ลวด 8400 บาท ขวดละ 800 บาท


Categories : whisky


Bottle Size : 1L

Vol / Alc  : 40%

Country of Origin : USA 

Brand : J&B

Style :  Whisky

Appearance: Clear, pale golden.Aroma: Malted barley and vanilla custard with a dusting of nutmeg spice.Taste: Light and mellow with creamy cereal, toasted barley, hazelnut, vanilla fudge and nutmeg spice.Aftertaste: Vanilla fudge, crème caramel and nutmeg.Overall: Light and mellow compared to many other Scotch whiskies but no less characterful with flavours of creamy cereal, toasted barley, hazelnut and vanilla fudge enlivened by a light sprinkling of spice.

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