Johnnie Walker Island Green 1L ลัง 12 ขวด


Johnnie Walker Island Green 1L ราคาลัง 12 ขวด 17400 บาท ขวดละ 1300บาท


Categories : whisky


Bottle Size : 1LBottle Size : 1L
 Vol / Alc  : 43%

Country / Region : Scotch 

Brand : Johnnie Walker

Style :  Whisky   


Johnnie Walker Island Green Whisky Tasting Notes

Color: Amber

Nose: Nice smoky start… Not as strong as an Islay expression but still very definitive… light and fresh aromas, like a morning walk in the park, fruits, flowers and grass… presence of malty wood notes… honey and vanilla with a healthy amount of wood spices… peppery…
Palate: Complex but not so balanced flavors… Heavy on the smoky and spicy side… sweetness from pears… honeyed malt cereals and vanilla with hints of citrus… faint notes of chocolaty bitterness…
Finish: Medium but warm finish… very spicy … leaving behind some bitter, tar like flavors on the tongue…
Island Green is a great ‘blend’ expression as someone would expect from Johnnie Walker. But if you are a real Islay lover, this bottle will not quench your thirst of smoke and peat. On the other hand, if you like lightly peated whiskies or just starting to explore the wonderful world of smoky whisky, this may be the perfect dram to start things of.                                                    

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