Johnnie Walker The Collection Set 4 bottle 200 ML กล่อง 4 ขวด


Johnnie Walker The Collection Set 4 bottle 200 ML ราคา กล่อง 4 ขวด 3680 บาท


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Johnnie Walker Scotch Collection 4 x 200 ML Hard to find! 

You will get the four bottles below

Johnnie Walker Black           200ML

Johnnie Walker Gold Label  200ML

Johnnie Walker Platinum      200ML

Johnnie Walker Blue Label   200ML

A collection pack of four 200ml bottles of Johnnie Walker Black Label, Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve, Johnnie Walker Platinum and Johnnie Walker Blue Label. An incredible collection in a convenient pack. Perfect for gifting or to keep as your own.                                                                   

 Bottle Size : 200ml

Vol / Alc  : 43%

Country / Region : Scotch 

Brand :  Johnnie Walker

Style :    Blended Scotch Whisky

This Johnnie Walker Sample Pack Includes One Each of The Four 200ml Bottles:Johnnie Walker Black Label – The Original Walker Whisky – Aged 12 Years and a rock solid blend.Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve – A multi-layered blend, it offers a smooth balance of sweet fruits and creaminess that evolves into deeper honeyed tones before finishing in lingering waves of wood, fruit, and light, sweet west coast smoke.

Johnnie Walker Platinum Label – A complex, luxurious blend harboring deep layers of flavor that perfectly balance the diverse character of the distilleries from which it came and the wood in which it has rested.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label – An exquisite blend made from some of Scotland’s rarest and most exceptional Scotch Whiskies.

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